My speech to labour party conference

The living wage is an important issue we should all be campaigning for.

Here is my speech to labour party conference on the living wage.



Broxtowe Women’s Forum

Women seem to hit the glass ceiling much sooner than men do. Be it children, caring commitments or career pressure, women seem to get overlooked for things and then even if they do achieve greatness they meet criticism and bullying.

It is for this reason that I am proposing a non-party political Broxtowe Women’s network. So women across the political spectrum and from senior management can support each other from the inequalities we face.

What do you think?

Speaking at Labour conference 2011

I was honoured to be picked to speak at this year’s Labour Party conference in Liverpool. I spoke on an issue very close to my heart: the role of women in politics. In particular, I was speaking against a rule change that could have potentially blocked female delegates from attending the conference.