About Sarah Brown

Sarah BrownSarah Brown is a public sector worker, UNISON activist and Liberal Democrat councillor from Nottingham. Interests include equalities, local government, education and political reform.

Sarah was born in Nottingham and studied in Kimberley before moving to Sheffield to study Chemistry. After moving back to Nottingham Sarah joined the labour party and stood in the local elections in May 2011. Sarah was elected chair of the local parish council in May 2011 and was at the time the youngest council chair in the country. Sarah was also elected to the NEC of UNISON where she represented low paid workers for the whole of the East Midlands. In May 2013 she defected to the Liberal Democrats.

Sarah is proud of her working class roots and wants parliament to be more representative of the country as a whole. Sarah wants more working class women to be elected as it can often feel like their voices are not heard in our political system.


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