I am flabulous :)


I am not a skinny girl. I have a dress size that is for some considered a “bit rank”. I have struggled with my body for many years. Hiding it under black and baggy clothes, avoiding wearing dresses, dressing frumpy and generally not being proud of the body I have. I am plus sized. Obese, fat, whatever. These words have fairly negative connotations around them. So I am inventing a word for what I am. FLAB-U-LOUS. Flabulous. I have a nice body. I should like it more. So here is my body. If you like it great! Enjoy. If you don’t, then fine your choice. Whatev’s 🙂

Looking Flabulous – no double chin there.

Double chin, but sexy Christmas jumper 🙂

Boobs! And the swimming costume I almost took back to the shop in the fear my body might scare people.

Looking good at a Lib dem thing. I felt fab.

Dressed up on a night out where every single man I came across seemed to fancy me 🙂

And y’know – standard face 🙂

UPDATE – been bra shopping with the lovely boyf. Bravissimo is a great place. Turns out I am a different bra size than I thought. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I am flabulous :)

    • Hello! Glad you enjoyed the blog! Ready your post – v well written and raises good points. I am also a size 24! I almost always assume everyone is a smaller size than me which I suppose is a bit body dysmorphic of me. Hopefully one day the patriarchy will stop fat shaming us relentlessly, until then – solidarity 🙂

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