Diary of a defector – 5 months on


It’s been 5 months since I took the decision to become a Liberal Democrat (you can read about that here) and dear reader I am happy in my new political home. The Liberal Democrats I have met are friendly, genuine and generally lovely folk.

I have no regrets on crossing the political floor, it’s been the right thing to do. Because there is nothing worse than walking into a room and feeling like an alien, like someone who doesn’t belong. I wasn’t happy back there, it didn’t feel right. I dunno, it just wasn’t for me. I guess it’s like doing salsa classes, some people love it, others decide they want to do ballroom instead. But I guess the dance enthusiasts don’t get quite the same level of “enthusiastic disagreement” that I did and on occasions still do.

The most fun criticism lately (look at the comments on on this article) was someone who thought that I was a spy/double agent for the lib dems. I mean come now. That’s just hilarious. So on joining the old party I thought “hmmm, y’know this is a perfect opportunity to be a spy for a party I have never been a member of”. I wasn’t spying. It never occurred to me. Just saying.

I do still have some good friends in the Labour Party. Why not? I guess just because salsa dancing wasn’t for me doesn’t mean some of the people there weren’t nice. They were. They are. The ones who accepted my choice without question. You know who you are. πŸ™‚

I have even had a friend from labour contact me about joining the lib dems. You go girlfriend you are going to love it.

I suppose policy wise, I approve of lifting working people out of tax, I don’t approve of internet filters to protect children from online pornography, I agree with free school meals for infant aged children and yeah I still want electoral reform.

So here I am, five months in, still smiling. Laters πŸ™‚


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