Morning Rituals or wake up and make up

So. My morning routine goes a little like this. Get up wash face, brush teeth, get dressed and go. Maybe sometimes this routine is enhanced by brushing my hair, but quite often not.

The whole thing takes less than 5 minutes and before I know it I am on the bus to work.

While out the other night I compared this with my colleagues. Some of whom spend over an hour getting ready in the morning. An hour! A whole extra glorious hour! They could read, they could bake a cake (they should *so* bake a cake) they could have some more sleep!

I was amazed. I asked them what this routine involved and I still don’t really “get” all the things they do.

So their morning routine goes a bit like this. Shower (ok so I have mine before getting into bed), hair dried (mine dries naturally), straighteners, hair extensions (yes dear reader they put extra hair on their heads…), primer (isn’t this what you put on before wall paper?!) up to two different shades of foundation (two?!), bronzer, blusher, eye make up and so on. Wowzer.

So this got me thinking – is this what normal people do? Am I leaving the house looking rough?! (Actually reader don’t answer that one..) so I asked them if my face was ok… Yep. I asked them.

Feedback wasn’t as savage as I had expected. Under my eyes I have some dark circles. Yes dear reader, yes I do. Apparently they make me look tired. And yes they do. That’s probably due to me being tired. And my eyebrows need “sorting”. Yes, yes granted. I will take it on board.

Both the girls I spoke to would never consider coming into work without make up on and were practically horrified at the suggestion that I might challenge them to go bare faced one day.

Now I am the opposite – I very occasionally wear make up to work. I spend the whole day terrified I look like a clown. An actual clown. I don’t look like me. And I question if it enhances the facial region or distracts away from it. Blimey if it distracts then maybe I should wear it more often!

So make up. I’m not a regular wearer and I never will be. If I look tired it’s because I am. Deal with it.


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