A note to my 21 year old self..

Hey there Sarah Brown. It’s me, well you really, your 29 year old self.

I wanted to talk to you. You might think there is a whole 9 years to go before you hit the big 3-0 but please dear god don’t go putting too much on that list of things you need to do before you are 30. Because quite frankly I have done none of them. Getting married? Nope. Babies nuhuh. Multimillionaire? Forget it.

So 21 year old Sarah just because you won’t do what “society” wants don’t think you are useless. You are pretty damn awesome all told. If a little crazy at times. So you might not have 2.4 children and an attractive if dull husband/life parter, but you will do some awesome things.

You’ll stand for election, you’ll fall in love, you’ll fall out of love, you’ll join a political party, you’ll leave it and join another political party, you’ll be on the telly, you’ll speak in front of hundreds of people. You’ll meet the deputy prime minister, you’ll sing ridiculous songs with an MP. You’ll drink too much, you’ll send too many texts when you are drunk. I could tell you not to, but we both know you will.

You’ll work in HR, you’ll sing at work, you’ll eat sushi. You’ll knit, you’ll watch way too much Doctor Who. You’ll never be quite sure where your life is going.

But you won’t need to, you still won’t, even when you are just a hop skip and a jump away from 30.

Keep going Sarah Brown, you’ll get there.

Just maybe put the marriage, babies and stuff on the 40 before 40 list yeah?

Love your 29 year old self.



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