Diary of a defector – 5 months on


It’s been 5 months since I took the decision to become a Liberal Democrat (you can read about that here) and dear reader I am happy in my new political home. The Liberal Democrats I have met are friendly, genuine and generally lovely folk.

I have no regrets on crossing the political floor, it’s been the right thing to do. Because there is nothing worse than walking into a room and feeling like an alien, like someone who doesn’t belong. I wasn’t happy back there, it didn’t feel right. I dunno, it just wasn’t for me. I guess it’s like doing salsa classes, some people love it, others decide they want to do ballroom instead. But I guess the dance enthusiasts don’t get quite the same level of “enthusiastic disagreement” that I did and on occasions still do.

The most fun criticism lately (look at the comments on on this article) was someone who thought that I was a spy/double agent for the lib dems. I mean come now. That’s just hilarious. So on joining the old party I thought “hmmm, y’know this is a perfect opportunity to be a spy for a party I have never been a member of”. I wasn’t spying. It never occurred to me. Just saying.

I do still have some good friends in the Labour Party. Why not? I guess just because salsa dancing wasn’t for me doesn’t mean some of the people there weren’t nice. They were. They are. The ones who accepted my choice without question. You know who you are. 🙂

I have even had a friend from labour contact me about joining the lib dems. You go girlfriend you are going to love it.

I suppose policy wise, I approve of lifting working people out of tax, I don’t approve of internet filters to protect children from online pornography, I agree with free school meals for infant aged children and yeah I still want electoral reform.

So here I am, five months in, still smiling. Laters 🙂


The Good, The Beard and The Ugly

Beards. I love them. Here are 10 facts about the joy of facial hair.


20131008-200522.jpgIn Greco-Roman antiquity the beard was “seen as the defining characteristic of the philosopher; philosophers had to have beards, and anyone with a beard was assumed to be a philosopher.”
Beards make it easier to think. Fact. Stroking a beard aids thinking and this is why any philosopher worth their salt sports a fine beard.


20131008-201132.jpgDid you know there are two online dating websites for those who appreciate a good beard? Beardlover.co.uk and beardiful.com honest!


According to GQ magazine

The more detailed the style — as in thin beard lines tracing the jaw or ‘creative’ goatees — the higher the wanker factor. Harsh but true.

who knew there was beard etiquette for trendies…


20131008-211607.jpg The 2013 World Beard and Moustache Championships® will take place on November 2, 2013 in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany. Registration is now open.
– See more at: http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/


The British beard club exists! You can see all the epic beards from your area here http://thebritishbeardclub.org/


20131008-212322.jpgAccording to research women will find a man with a 10 day beard much sexier than the same man clean shaven. Come on guys you know it makes sense!


20131008-213611.jpgwhile a beard makes a man look sexier, statistics show just a moustache is a turn off. Sorry guys!


20131008-213900.jpgMany goats possess a beard. The male sometimes urinates on his own beard as a marking behaviour during rutting.


20131008-214147.jpg There is a Beard growth vitamin called Vitabeard.


20131008-214500.jpg Exfoliating ones face encourages hair growth and could make a beard grow faster.

Morning Rituals or wake up and make up

So. My morning routine goes a little like this. Get up wash face, brush teeth, get dressed and go. Maybe sometimes this routine is enhanced by brushing my hair, but quite often not.

The whole thing takes less than 5 minutes and before I know it I am on the bus to work.

While out the other night I compared this with my colleagues. Some of whom spend over an hour getting ready in the morning. An hour! A whole extra glorious hour! They could read, they could bake a cake (they should *so* bake a cake) they could have some more sleep!

I was amazed. I asked them what this routine involved and I still don’t really “get” all the things they do.

So their morning routine goes a bit like this. Shower (ok so I have mine before getting into bed), hair dried (mine dries naturally), straighteners, hair extensions (yes dear reader they put extra hair on their heads…), primer (isn’t this what you put on before wall paper?!) up to two different shades of foundation (two?!), bronzer, blusher, eye make up and so on. Wowzer.

So this got me thinking – is this what normal people do? Am I leaving the house looking rough?! (Actually reader don’t answer that one..) so I asked them if my face was ok… Yep. I asked them.

Feedback wasn’t as savage as I had expected. Under my eyes I have some dark circles. Yes dear reader, yes I do. Apparently they make me look tired. And yes they do. That’s probably due to me being tired. And my eyebrows need “sorting”. Yes, yes granted. I will take it on board.

Both the girls I spoke to would never consider coming into work without make up on and were practically horrified at the suggestion that I might challenge them to go bare faced one day.

Now I am the opposite – I very occasionally wear make up to work. I spend the whole day terrified I look like a clown. An actual clown. I don’t look like me. And I question if it enhances the facial region or distracts away from it. Blimey if it distracts then maybe I should wear it more often!

So make up. I’m not a regular wearer and I never will be. If I look tired it’s because I am. Deal with it.

Age before beauty or how old should our politicians be?

I recently wrote a piece for the Beestonia blog about my crossing of the political floor (you can read it if that interests you here )

One of the comments on the post brings me to write this post. Here it is : –

“For one, Sarah is too young and hasn’t enough life experience; and she’s no casework experience of helping others in dire-straits.”

This person is writing about my suitability for elected office I assume.

I am 29. Not that it’s relevant. I have had life experience. I have casework experience. I have helped people in dire-straits.

I was a senior union steward. I met and helped people with a whole range of problems relating to their employment. I always represented them to the best of my ability. Sometimes I won the case and sometimes I lost. But never once did a member complain to my boss that I was too young to represent them or hadn’t had enough life experience. Mostly they were grateful they had someone on their side to support them.

Age is a daft way to judge someone’s suitability to take up elected office. Jake Morrison an Independent Councillor for Liverpool City Council is one of the hardest working Councillors I know. Selected just a few days after his 17th Birthday and elected just days after his 18th Birthday he works tirelessly for the residents in his local area. He is an activist for the OK foundation who are campaigning with my MP Anna Soubry for more public defibrillators. There are also some councillors who are older and useless. The age is irrelevant.

So dear reader it’s really easy the criticise politicians for a whole plethora of reasons. But their age? Come now you can do better than that surely! 🙂


A note to my 21 year old self..

Hey there Sarah Brown. It’s me, well you really, your 29 year old self.

I wanted to talk to you. You might think there is a whole 9 years to go before you hit the big 3-0 but please dear god don’t go putting too much on that list of things you need to do before you are 30. Because quite frankly I have done none of them. Getting married? Nope. Babies nuhuh. Multimillionaire? Forget it.

So 21 year old Sarah just because you won’t do what “society” wants don’t think you are useless. You are pretty damn awesome all told. If a little crazy at times. So you might not have 2.4 children and an attractive if dull husband/life parter, but you will do some awesome things.

You’ll stand for election, you’ll fall in love, you’ll fall out of love, you’ll join a political party, you’ll leave it and join another political party, you’ll be on the telly, you’ll speak in front of hundreds of people. You’ll meet the deputy prime minister, you’ll sing ridiculous songs with an MP. You’ll drink too much, you’ll send too many texts when you are drunk. I could tell you not to, but we both know you will.

You’ll work in HR, you’ll sing at work, you’ll eat sushi. You’ll knit, you’ll watch way too much Doctor Who. You’ll never be quite sure where your life is going.

But you won’t need to, you still won’t, even when you are just a hop skip and a jump away from 30.

Keep going Sarah Brown, you’ll get there.

Just maybe put the marriage, babies and stuff on the 40 before 40 list yeah?

Love your 29 year old self.