Have you had a “film worthy romance” lately?


A friend and I were discussing what constituted a “film worthy” romance after watching Love Actually the other day. He said he had never had a film worthy romance. But this made me question. What is a film worthy romance and are they a good thing or not.

By virtue of the fact they are in a film the romance can’t be straightforward.

The romance must have some form of turmoil otherwise the film would either be very short or very boring. Boy meets girl and they live happily ever after doth not a film worthy romance make. More boy meets girl, girl hates boy, boy lusts after girl, girls dog gets stuck in a car about to be destroyed by a flesh eating robot and then the boy saves the dog and the girl has a massive change of heart and finally falls for the boy.

But then again the above implies that the romance must ultimately be successful. Film worthy romance can be unsuccessful and yet still film worthy. For example; boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy likes girl, so far so good. Yet then tragically girl discovers the boy is a serial romancer yet the girl has fallen for the boy and deems that this time it will be different. The boy continues to see the girl but also continues to see girl B. The boy feels he can continue to date both girls and indeed falls in love with both of them. Girl A and Girl B become best friends after meeting at a yoga class and soon discover they share more than a love of yoga. The boy is confronted and the girls remain life long friends.


Boy and girl meet, girl realises that the boy is unavailable yet the become good friends, the girl lusts after the boy and one day confesses her love of the boy. The boy feels flattered and sleeps with the girl, the girl sees this as a sign the boy is now available and pines after him, yet the boy continues to be unavailable.

To conclude I feel that having not experienced a “film worthy romance” is no bad thing. Although these romances would make a good film the reality is that they are not easy and often lead to heartbreak.


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