TUC headed by all female team – will things change?

For the first time ever both the president and general secretary of the TUC will be women. I really hope that following this move that the dynamic of the TUC changes.

At this years TUC congress I spoke in the health and safety debate. I was one of the last speakers and only 4 or so female speakers. There were however a multitude of male, pale speakers from each of the unions. For such a diverse movement this was depressing. The average trade unionist is these days a low paid woman worker so why most unions put up a male speaker is beyond me.

My union has rules on gender representation that mean that every level of our union is proportionate gender wise. This is from the NEC to delegations to even interventions to conferences within that delegation. Other unions should follow suit and ensure they are speaking for the sisters as well as the brothers within our movement.

So next year I hope Frances and Lesley make a difference and TUC Congress becomes more representative of our membership.


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