In Support of Johanna Baxter

As a CLP member it can feel too often like we are disconnected from the party nationally and that we don’t get a say in the big decisions. It’s for exactly this reason that Johanna Baxter stood for the NEC two years ago.

Since then Johanna has worked tirelessly for our party. Unconnected with the right and left slates, Johanna is just Labour. She has visited loads of CLPs in the last 2 years, not just London CLPs and she even visited Broxtowe – our only visit from the NEC in living memory!

For an NEC that works for you, responds to you and listens to you, vote Johanna!


Broxtowe Core Strategy – my opinion

Housing. One of the topics that has angered me more than most recently.

My local council Broxtowe Borough Council has recently passed its housing core strategy at full council. It now goes out for consultation. This means local people can give their opinion on it and hope the council will amend it.

My MP along with the local Tories have been scaremongering over the housing figures proposed by planning professionals that reflect the number of houses required in Broxtowe. Over 6000 houses are required over the next 15 years.

A local plan or core housing strategy is needed in order to show that the council can cater for the required number of houses. The implication of not doing this is that developers can put plans in for anywhere in the local area, including green belt, and if the council try to block the development a costly appeal will follow and the houses would ultimately be built regardless. So it is important a housing core strategy is put in place to protect the areas the community feel most strongly about. But the council must put forward a sensible plan for housing.

Housing for me is a highly emotive issue. Basically we live in a society split between the housing haves and the housing have nots. I am a housing have not. I live with my mum because I can’t afford to buy a house and I can’t really afford to rent either. I could go on the housing list, but chances are I would remain on the list for several years.

Broxtowe’s housing core strategy includes 30% affordable housing. I won’t be able to afford even an affordable house! But I feel passionately that Broxtowe should embrace affordable housing and look to even raise the figure.

But why has all this made me so angry? Well the Tory proposals to put less than the number of houses required, would mean that local families could not stop locally together. Why? Because there wouldn’t be enough houses. Not enough houses would mean that house prices are further driven up and the divide between the housing haves and have nots would be widened.

For this reason I am supporting the housing strategy put forward by the council in principle.