Why I am Backing Burnham

I joined the labour party back in February 2010. I wanted to make a difference in my local area and wanted to be part of a party for the people. Now several months down the line I am supporting the leader for the people, Andy Burnham.

Andy, like me, comes from humble backgrounds. For me a leader for the people needs to be grounded, sensible and connected with the grass roots of labour supporters. I would argue against Diane Abbot when she describes her fellow contestants as “identical”. For me Andy is the “break the mould” candidate offering something fresh and new into the contest.

When I first met him at the youth hustings in London, I saw someone who not only Labour Party members can get behind, but also the general voting public. I see a universally popular leader who will win votes simply because he is an ordinary guy and understands other ordinary people across the country.

Andy is campaigning against cuts to public services, especially those that affect younger voters, those that under the coalition could easily end up a lost generation. He is campaigning against cuts to the future jobs fund, an excellent welfare to work scheme and also for fair internships where they all must be advertised and paid fairly to give everyone a fair opportunity to take up an internship.

Andy’s flagship policy is to introduce a national care service. Free care for elderly people at the point of need. He champions this because when his grandma needed care they had to sell all she had worked so hard for through her life. Which would be heart breaking for anyone.

I see in Andy a hardworking and inspiring leader who can bring us back in to government in the next election. I hope you will join me in voting for him at the leadership elections and then the general election when, make no mistake we will beat the Tories.